SEO Expert Salary in Bangladesh: A Detailed Breakdown

SEO is crucial for both clients and professionals in Bangladesh looking to thrive. 

But what can you expect to pay for an SEO expert’s expertise as a client? Or, conversely, how much can you earn as an SEO expert in Bangladesh?

In this post, we’ll talk about SEO expert’s salaries in Bangladesh, where you will get a clearer picture of the current market landscape.

The Average SEO Expert Salary Range in Bangladesh

The average SEO expert’s salary ranges from 25,000 to 50,000/month. The range we have mentioned here depends mostly on experience and expertise.

Usually, SEO professionals who are just starting can land a job that pays approximately 25-30k a month. Mid-level SEO executives get around 30-40k and senior SEO specialists get 40-50k a month, which can also be a lot more based on experience.  

However, these numbers also vary when other factors, such as company size, location, etc., come into play. 

The Salary of Top SEO Experts in Bangladesh

The salary of top SEO experts in Bangladesh is around 100k-200k/month or more. 

The very best SEO experts, however, do not work on a monthly salary. Because they are in demand and expensive, they are hired on a contractual basis as consultants for certain campaigns.

Also, most of the SEO experts in Bangladesh have their own agency. So, in most cases, if you want their services, you will have to hire their agency.

The SEO Expert Salary for Top Companies in Bangladesh

Having seen what the average and top-level SEO experts earn, let’s see what top companies in Bangladesh pay for SEO services.

Company NameDesignationIndustrySalary for SEO Experts
VISER XSEO SpecialistDigital Marketing 25-30k
REVE SystemsSEO SpecialistSoftware Development48-52k
Sheba PlatformsSEO SpecialistFintech67-72k
VizibleSEOSEO ExpertDigital Marketing 40-60k
WebAppickSEO ExpertSoftware Development20-25k
MonsterclawSEO ManagerDigital Marketing 65-70k
10-minute SchoolSEO ManagerEdtech40-42k
DarazSEO ManagerE-commerce40-42k
United Commercial BankSEO ExecutiveBank87-94k
Echoasoft LtdSEO ExpertSoftware Development50-60k
MusemindSEO SpecialistSoftware Development60-63k
Mercantile BankSEO ExpertBank40-45k
Premier BankSEO ExpertBank95-100k
BackspaceSEO SpecialistDigital Marketing 30-35k
NybysSEO SpecialistTelecommunications58-62k
RokomariSEO SpecialistE-commerce48-52k
Next VenturesSEO ExecutiveFintech30-60k
Flyte Solutions LtdSEO SpecialistSoftware Development20-25k

*All the information has been collected from Glassdoor.

Interestingly enough, most digital marketing companies, where SEO experts are needed, get paid less than other companies.

But actually, it kind of makes sense if you think about it.

Digital marketing agencies typically hire a lot of SEO executives because they work on multiple projects at once and they need enough manpower to work on these projects. With enough manpower, they can divide up the tasks into small portions to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

On the other hand, other companies usually have only one SEO manager or expert, who oversees all the SEO needs. Depending on the the severity of the workload he may even have to delegate or outsource tasks. 

That’s why, businesses or corporations are willing to pay a lot more for SEO experts rather than marketing agencies.

However, VizibleSEO is setting a different standard by hiring only the best SEO specialists for a lucrative offer. This is how we ensure that our clients get the brightest minds in the industry to solve their problems.

Factors that Affect the Salaries of SEO Experts in Bangladesh

From the table we presented earlier, you saw how the salaries of SEO professionals differ. However, there are other major factors that play a role here. 

Designation and Experience

The most important factor that determines an SEO professional’s salary is his designation and experience. 

At the beginning of their career, people usually start as SEO Interns or SEO Trainees. As they gain experience, they become Junior SEO Executives/Analysts, then SEO Executives/Analysts, and so on.  

Here is a table describing how the salary may vary depending on the designation.

DesignationExperience Salary Range (approx.)
SEO Intern/TraineeN/A10-15k 
Junior SEO Executive/Analyst0-1 Year20-25k
SEO Executive/Analyst1-2 Years25-35k
Senior SEO Executive/Analyst2-4 Years30-45k
SEO Manager/Team Lead3-5 Years40-60k
SEO Strategist5+ Years60-100k
SEO Consultant10+ Years100k++

From this table, you can get an idea of the career path of an SEO professional and how the salary increases as they move forward. 


As we all know, there are different factors and aspects of search engine optimization. No one expects an SEO professional to be an expert in all these sectors. That’s why, the salary of an SEO will also vary depending on their skill and experience.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how the skillset of an SEO would influence his salary.

SkillsJob ResponsibilitiesSalary Range (approx.)
SEO Content Writer/CreatorCreating blog posts/video content, etc.25-40k
SEO AnalystTrack website performance, analyze data, generate reports, and more25-40k
On-page SEO ExpertKeyword research, content optimization, etc. 35-40k
Off-page SEO ExpertLink building, outreach, brand reputation management, etc.35-50k
Technical SEO ExpertWebsite structure and code optimization, fixing crawling and indexing issues, etc. 40-60k
Content/SEO StrategistCreating a content/SEO roadmap through research and development, etc. 50-60k

The range of the salary depends on the experience the person has.

Also, no one expects a single person to be efficient in all of these skills, but the more value you can offer, the more salary you can negotiate. For example, if you are a technical SEO specialist who knows how to build links, you can get more salary than a regular technical SEO expert. 

Company Size and Industry

The larger, more established companies (e.g., tech companies) tend to pay more because they have more budgets and put a lot more emphasis on SEO. They also require a broader technical skillset. 

In particular, finance, healthcare, and law industries need specific SEO expertise because of the importance of their respective services. 

Smaller companies as well as startups may focus on less technical sides of SEO like content creation or local SEO. These opportunities pay comparatively less but potentially faster career growth. 

FAQs about SEO Expert Salary

Is SEO a good paying job?

Yes, SEO is a good paying job. Although starting salaries are pretty standard, you can earn more than 100k a month once you have the necessary skill set. 

Is SEO in high demand?

Yes, SEO is in high demand in the digital marketing industry. Businesses are constantly competing for top search engine positions to drive organic traffic and achieve their marketing goals. This creates a strong need for skilled SEO professionals to optimize websites and craft effective strategies.

Does SEO have a future?

Yes, SEO has a future, however, like most industries, the skills needed to thrive as an SEO professional will evolve. So, SEO as you know it right might not exist in 10 years but a different version with different needs will be.  

Get the Best SEO Experts at VizibleSEO

As you have learned from this discussion, the salary of SEO experts can vary based on skill, experience, the company they work for, etc. 

However, compared to other digital marketing companies in the country, VizibleSEO hires only the best SEO experts at a premium rate.

That’s why, you are guaranteed to have the best possible SEO minds in Bangladesh to work on solving your problems.

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