Best SEO Service Company in Bangladesh for 2024

One of the best SEO service companies in Bangladesh is VizibleSEO, which is one of the few pure SEO companies in Bangladesh.

However, there are also multi-service companies that provide excellent SEO services throughout Bangladesh.

In this post, we will go through the 6 best SEO companies in Bangladesh that changing the industry.

Best SEO Service Companies in Bangladesh At a Glance

Let’s take a look at our list of the top SEO companies in Bangladesh and the type of services they provide.

Company NameServicesFounder
VizibleSEOComplete SEO Strategy, Content Creation, Link Building, Technical SEO, Local SEO, Website Audit, and more. Nazmul Asif
VISER XSEO, Media Buying, Content Creation, etc. Faisal Mustafa
Giant MarketersE-commerce SEO, SaaS SEO, Local SEO, Link Building, Web Design, etc. Masum Billah Bhuiyan 
BizcopeSEO, PPC, SMM, Influencer Marketing, Web Design, etc. Nahid Hasan
Khan ITSEO, SMM, Web design, and Content MarketingMd Faruk Khan
DigitomarkSEO, PPC, Web Design, Copywriting, etc.Khairul Hasan

Now, let’s see what these companies are like.


The goal of VizibleSEO is clear from its name: you get brand visibility through SEO.

VizibleSEO sets itself apart in the SEO scene of Bangladesh by zeroing in on what truly matters: building your brand exclusively through SEO. Unlike other top SEO companies that spread their expertise thin across various services, VizibleSEO puts all its eggs in one basket – and that basket is SEO. 

They boast a wide array of SEO services- from content creation to link building and technical SEO. Their co-founder, Nazmul Asif, is a major player in the country’s SEO industry

Clients of VizibleSEO have seen a 700% traffic increase, a 215% conversion rate increase, and a 300% revenue increase.  So with VizibleSEO, you know you are getting the best money can buy. 

VizibleSEO doesn’t get you traffic, they get you the right kind of traffic that converts. You will get both quality and quantity, while they use every ounce of their resource to make your brand not just visible, but irresistibly so.

With VizibleSEO, it’s not just about being found; it’s about being remembered.



VISER X stands tall as Bangladesh’s premier SEO powerhouse, guided by the seasoned SEO expert and visionary Faisal Mustafa. 

They exist with only one goal: to elevate businesses into the spotlight of the digital world. But their prowess extends far beyond just SEO; they’re masters in the art of ad management and social media magic.

VISER X leads the charge by using cutting-edge tools while keeping their core services rock-solid. With a knack for uncovering hidden opportunities and opening doors to new markets, they are the ideal companions for businesses. 

When it comes to enhancing your digital presence and elevating your brand value, VISER X is the trusted ally you’ve been seeking.

Giant Marketers

Giant Marketers

Giant Marketers is more than just an SEO services company in Bangladesh. Unlike typical SEO companies, they build relationships founded on trust and effective communication with their clients. 

Offering tiered prices without sacrificing service quality, their flexible growth approach caters to a variety of budgets and needs. Over 50 experts work round-the-clock, focusing on client needs and delivering impressive ROI.   

What’s unique about Giant Marketers is their workplace culture, which is blending creativity with professionalism. They promote enjoyment and productivity, showing their commitment to self-development and growth. 

Giant Marketers give back to Bangladesh’s digital marketing community, too, with workshops, resource sharing, and university collaborations.



Bizcope, a beacon in Bangladesh’s digital marketing landscape, started in 2010 as Outsource BD and has grown into one of the country’s leading SEO companies. 

The company rebranded as Bizcope in 2013, becoming a global online marketing agency. Their passion for SEO takes precedence over money, and that’s reflected in their team’s culture. With an obsession for turning web traffic into loyal customers and advocates for brands, Bizcope specializes in search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, and advertising. 

Bizcope started with just a couple of computers, but now has a dynamic team of 18, servicing over 300 clients with SEO. As a digital marketing leader in Bangladesh, Bizcope’s steady growth proves its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Khan IT

Khan IT

Established in September 2017 by the accomplished SEO expert Md Faruk Khan, Khan IT is a leading light in Bangladesh’s SEO industry. They offer holistic 360-degree digital marketing solutions, catering to businesses ranging from local startups to international corporations.

Khan IT’s vision is to become the preferred digital marketing partner for businesses throughout Bangladesh and worldwide. Working toward that goal, Khan IT has bagged multi-national companies like Walton, Thames Taxi, Bang Jin, etc.

The thing about Faruk Khan is that he’s more than just an SEO expert. He’s also a guide and mentor for the next generation. From BITM and 10 Minutes School to establishing his agency, Faruk Khan has trained over 8,000 people in digital marketing. 



As a subsidiary of Dcastalia Limited, Digitomark stands out in Bangladesh’s SEO scene as a full-service agency dedicated to providing customized, effective SEO solutions. With a strong focus on design, content, photos, and videos, they create a complete online identity for their clients.

With a mission to be the best SEO company in Bangladesh, Digitomark strives for client satisfaction and team building. Apart from being a pioneer in innovation, they want to help Bangladesh go digital.

As the digital landscape is ever-evolving, Digitomark’s approach is all about adapting and excelling to deliver the best results for their clients. They value impactful outcomes, excellent communication, and new technologies to earn clients’ trust. 

Choose the Right SEO Company

Choosing the right SEO company can go a long way for your business.

That’s why you need to know about the right qualities and the red flags before hiring them, wherever you hire them.

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