10 Best SEO Friendly WooCommerce Themes for Your Online Store in 2024

Right now, running a successful WooCommerce store is all about one thing: getting seen!  

But with so many online stores competing for customer attention, how do you make your WooCommerce website stand out?  

Well, the first thing you could do is choose an SEO-friendly WooCommerce theme that will improve your search ranking. 

In this guide, we will explore the top 10 WooCoomerce themes for SEO optimization. 

ThemesBest ForLoad TimePricing
AstraOverallGTmetrix: 838msPingdom: 619msStarts from $49/year
OceanWPCustomizationGTmetrix: 953msPingdom: 888msStarts from $35/year
DiviPremade LayoutsGTmetrix: 1.2sPingdom: 998msStarts from $89/year
AvadaDesign OptionsGTmetrix: 1.3sPingdom: 957msStarts from $69/year
FlatsomeWooCommerce FeaturesGTmetrix: 1.4sPingdom: 1.2sStarts from $59/year
KadenceAgenciesGTmetrix: 800msPingdom: 536msStarts from $149/year
NeveMinimalismGTmetrix: 774msPingdom: 641 msStarts from $69/year
WoodMartBuilt-in FeaturesGTmetrix: 974msPingdom: 741 msStarts from $59/year
StorefrontCompatibilityGTmetrix: 947msPingdom: 849 msFree
BotigaPerformanceGTmetrix: 844msPingdom: 615 msStarts from $59/year

Allow us to explain the criteria these top SEO-optimized WooCommerce themes fulfilled to be on our list.

How We Picked the Best WooCommerce SEO Themes

Before we dive into the best SEO-friendly WooCommerce themes, let’s be clear: we didn’t choose them on a whim. We followed a strict process that involved shortlisting, testing, and finally selecting the winners.

Step 1: Shortlisting from the WordPress, WooCommerce and Third-Party Directories

Here’s what we looked for:

  • User Reviews and Ratings: Themes with high ratings and positive reviews are a good sign. We prioritized themes with a decent number of reviews and at least a 4.5-star rating.
  • Active Installations: Popularity often speaks volumes. We considered themes with a substantial number of active installations.
  • Frequent Updates: Regular updates show the developers are actively improving the theme and fixing bugs. We focused on themes updated within the last six months.

Step 2: WooCommerce Integration and Features

The next step is to look for the features that are must-have for a WooComerce theme, such as:

  • Built-in shopping cart and checkout process to minimize cart abandonment
  • Product image galleries and animated “add to cart” buttons
  • Zooming, navigation, and full-screen effects for product images
  • Easily customizable pre-made page templates for standard pages (beyond just category and product pages)
  • Variety of page layouts and listing formats to organize products and content
  • Dedicated sections for reviews, testimonials, blogs, etc.

Step 3: Putting Themes Through the Test

Once we had a promising shortlist, it was time for the real test: performance. But before testing, we ensured each theme was tested on a clean WordPress environment, free of plugins or page builders.

Here’s what we assessed:

  • Clean Code: Clean code is vital for performance, security, and compatibility with plugins and page builders. All these factors play a role in your store’s SEO. We used the “Theme Check” plugin to identify themes with well-written code.
  • Plugin and Page Builder Compatibility: A great SEO theme is just one piece of the puzzle. You’ll also want to use SEO plugins. So, we tested if our shortlisted themes played nicely with all the essential page builders like Elementor and WooCommerce SEO plugins, like Yoast or Rank Math.
  • Loading Time: An SEO-optimized WooCommerce theme must be lightning fast. After all, Google prioritizes pages that load under two seconds. We used tools like PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to analyze theme performance on a clean slate.

Through this rigorous process, we found the top contenders for the best SEO-friendly WooCommerce themes. 

10 Best WooCommerce Themes for SEO

Now that you know how we have handpicked the best SEO-friendly WooCommerce themes, let’s discuss more about their features. 

01. Astra

Astra is the most popular theme for WordPress and WooCommerce because it’s lightweight, and works with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. 

But what makes it popular among WooCommerce users is its WooCommerce-friendly features such as grid settings, gallery options, infinite scroll, dropdown cart, etc.

Another reason for Astra being the most popular theme is because it is easy to use. So, if you are a beginner in the world of e-commerce, Astra can be your secret weapon. 

Key Features

  • Optimized for speed and loads in less than 0.5 seconds, which is crucial for eCommerce sites.
  • Offers extensive customization capabilities, including layout settings, colors, typography, headers, footers, and sidebars.
  • Allows you to customize various aspects of the product page, including image dimensions, product structure, and page navigation.
  • Lets you customize the shop page layout, including container layout, sidebar options, and product display settings.
  • Fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a good shopping experience across all screen sizes.
  • Offers a customizable, conversion-optimized checkout process to help reduce cart abandonment.
  • Lets you display products in a customizable product gallery on your shop page.
  • Allows you to enable infinite scrolling to load products as users scroll down the page.
  • Enables a quick view for products and a dropdown cart, allowing users to see product details and manage their cart without leaving the current page. 
  • Offers 240+ free and premium WooCommerce-ready templates to set up your store quickly.

Major Drawbacks

Most of the WooCommerce-related features are in the free version. So, for better WooCommerce performance, the free version won’t benefit you much.  

02. OceanWP

OceanWP is a powerful WooCommerce theme for customization. It offers deep customization to create the perfect online store.  Like Astra, it works with popular page builders for easy design and is compatible with essential plugins. 

However, what makes OceanWP shine is its extensive design control. You can hide sections of the theme customizer to streamline your workflow and focus on what matters most for your store.  

OceanWP even lets you export and import settings, which is a huge timesaver for agencies or freelancers managing multiple WooCommerce websites.

Key Features

  • Lets you set independent layouts for product archive pages directly from the theme customizer.
  • Offers 240+ full-site templates to help you get started with your store immediately.
  • An optional off-canvas filter allows you to add more content or display additional options.
  • The “Quick View” feature lets customers quickly preview important product details without leaving the page.
  • Choose between regular or multi-step checkout, both of which are customizable.
  • Easily change the main shop page layout with a single click using the “OceanWP Metabox Settings.”
  • Display a dedicated sidebar with individual options on all WooCommerce pages.
  • Lets you apply independent layouts for all single product pages directly from the theme customizer.
  • Allows the integration of WooCommerce mini cart for a quick preview of cart items.
  • choose between 3 product tab styles that help you display additional product information.
  • Adjust columns, sizes, typography, padding, and more for every device.
  • Allows the customization of store notices, product search customization, sale badges, wishlist integration, menu cart icon customization, distraction-free checkout, and more. 

Major Drawbacks

The extensive customization options can feel overwhelming for beginners or new WordPress users.

03. Divi

Divi is quite different from traditional SEO-friendly WooCommerce themes because, for most themes, you will need a separate page builder plugin. But Divi has its built-in page builder called the Divi builder. So, you don’t need to spend extra money on a premium page builder plugin.

Apart from that, Divi offers other services that make store building easier, such as Divi Cloud, Divi AI, Divi leads, etc. 

However, the main advantage of using the Divi theme is its abundance of responsive templates. Where most themes offer hundreds of templates, Divi’s number of templates reaches the thousands. To be exact, Divi offers 370+ layout packs that include almost 2700 layouts that you can use with a few clicks.  

Key Features

  • Includes a suite of dedicated WooCommerce modules that allow you to customize various elements of your online store, such as product displays, add to cart buttons, product galleries, shop pages, cart pages, checkout pages, etc.
  • The dynamic content feature integrates WooCommerce data into all Divi modules, which allows you to easily pull in product information and elements anywhere on your site.
  • Allows you to design fully responsive webpages directly from the Divi builder.
  • Offers A/B testing in the visual builder that lets you test different types of content.
  • Supports the integration of dozens of email marketing apps.
  • More than 2,000+ pre-made layouts.

Major Drawbacks

For better customization options, you may need to purchase additional premium plugins from the Elegant Themes marketplace. 

04. Avada

Avada is a theme that’s similar to Divi because it also offers a built-in live visual builder named the Avada Builder. But what sets them apart is that Avada offers more customization options.

What we like most about the Avada theme is that they have a built-in form, a mega menu, and a popup builder, which is not the case with other popular WooCommerce themes like Divi or Astra. Because of Avada’s extensive design options, it is regarded as a high-converting WooCommerce theme. 

Other than that, Avada also offers a decent number of website layouts that are both amazing to look at and mobile-responsive. 

Key Features

  • Lets you create custom conditional layouts for individual WooCommerce products, as well as custom Shop, Cart, Checkout, and Archive pages using the Avada Builder.
  • Includes 16 specific WooCommerce design elements to help build your store. 
  • The “Avada Layouts” feature lets you control how products are displayed, with dedicated layouts for single products, product archives, and thank-you pages.
  • Offers 106+ prebuilt eCommerce website templates to save time when designing online stores.
  • Ensures mobile-responsive design across all devices.
  • Supports advanced product attribute display types and variation swatches.
  • Offers various pagination styles for products, including text with preview and sticky preview options.
  • Built-in form, mega menu, and popup builder.

Major Drawbacks

Avada is not beginner-friendly and requires significant time to learn and master due to its extensive features and options.

 05. Flatsome

Flatsome is the most popular premium WooCommerce theme because it solely focuses on WooCommerce features. You get all the necessary functionalities that will help expand the capabilities of your store.  

Just like Divi and Avada, it also offers a built-in visual builder, so you don’t have to worry about using another page builder plugin for building your stores. 

Key Features

  • Offers a variety of product page layouts, customizable gallery styles (vertical/horizontal), product video support with Lightbox, and more for a fully customizable product browsing experience.
  • Provides extensive shop/category page customization with layouts, adjustable products per row for responsiveness, multiple sidebar options, quick view for faster product browsing, and live search for a smooth and efficient shopping experience.
  • Enhances product presentations with support for variations with image updates, built-in affiliate product options, customizable product badges, and quick add-to-cart buttons for a better shopping experience.
  • Expands WooCommerce functionality with features like wishlist creation, catalog mode for product showcases, customizable checkout pages, and various product tab styles.
  • Lets you create mobile-responsive designs that adapt to all screen sizes and optimize product category navigation for mobile users. 
  • Offers unparalleled customization for your WooCommerce store with the UX Builder and an extensive theme options panel to fine-tune every aspect of your shop.
  • A library of pre-made homepage layouts and settings, allowing for quick setup. 
  • The Flatsome Studio provides a collection of importable pre-built templates for a truly fast and stylish launch.

Major Drawbacks

Even though Flatsome is filled with WooCommerce functionalities, it lacks blog features. The blog functionality is not as well-developed as other aspects of the theme and may require custom code for advanced designs.

06. Kadence

The main reason why we listed Kadence as one of the best WooCommerce themes for SEO is because it’s super easy to use. But that doesn’t mean it lacks features and options, Kadence is full of features even in its free version that can be comparable to premium WordPress themes.

Kadence is the best theme for you if you are an agency owner who specializes in WooCommerce. That’s because the pricing plans don’t limit the number of websites you can create. You can create unlimited websites whereas other themes do not give you this opportunity.

Key Features

  • Offers a template builder to create custom single product pages, shop pages, product archive layouts, etc.
  • Offers advanced gallery styles and customization options for product images.
  • Uses Ajax add-to-cart functionality, which lets your customers add products to the cart without page reloading on single product pages.
  • Option to display a cart popout when a product is added.
  • Supports advanced product attribute display types and variation swatches.
  • Offers WooCommerce-specific features such as sticky add to cart, off-canvas sidebar, customizable checkout page, etc.

Major Drawbacks

Compared to other themes, Kadence offers a relatively small library of starter templates.

07. Neve

Neve is the best lightweight WooCommerce theme on our list that focuses on minimalistic design choices. So, if you are a small business owner who doesn’t sell many products, Neve could be the perfect theme for you. 

If you do decide to go with the Neve theme, we recommend that you use the premium version. We think that the free version may not have the features you need to run a full-fledged WooCommerce site. 

Key Features

  • The Neve Pro version offers a WooCommerce booster module that includes multiple shop layouts, wishlist functionality, distraction-free checkout, and more.
  • Allows you to customize the shop page layout, including choosing the number of products to display per row, modifying the size of each product, adding a “Sale percentage” tag for products on sale, etc.
  • Offers extensive product page customization, allowing you to rearrange elements, showcase related products for cross-selling, and even embed videos. 
  • Provides cart page customization for layout, style, and product recommendations, along with the ability to display targeted messages based on specific conditions.
  • Offers flexible checkout page customization with 3 layout choices and control over displaying standard checkout fields.

Major Drawbacks

The free version is limited compared to the other themes.

08. WoodMart

WoodMart takes pride in being the all-in-one WooCommerce solution that eliminates the requirement of plugins. This is mostly true because they offer a lot of built-in features that usually require plugins, such as product comparison, mega menu, product review, etc.

Because of all these built-in features, you will only need a few plugins, which will reduce the stress on your store. As a result, your store will run faster which will impact user experience and SEO.

Key Features

  • Offers over 80 pre-made responsive website designs and hundreds of unique template layouts.
  • Includes a powerful header builder with multiple layout options.
  • Built-in wishlist, product comparison, mega menu, and product review functionality without the need for additional plugins.
  • Uses AJAX for a fast shopping interface without page reloads.
  • Extensive theme settings panel with many customization options.
  • Supports multiple product variables and swatches.
  • Includes options to minify and combine Javascript and CSS files, optimize fonts, and lazy load images. 

Major Drawbacks

There have been reports of conflicts between WoodMart’s native review system and other review plugins.

09. Storefront

The Storefront theme is the best free theme for WooCommerce, developed by the same team behind the e-commerce plugin. The best feature of this theme is that it offers a clean, minimalist design that is most compatible with WooCommerce and its extensions. 

Storefront is lightweight, responsive, and highly customizable through the WordPress Customizer, which makes it a great WooCommerce theme for SEO. 

However, while it provides a solid foundation for online stores, some users may find its default appearance too basic. 

Key Features

  • Built on the Underscores starter theme by Automattic, it is fully responsive, lightweight, and a fast-loading WooCommerce theme.
  • Storefront uses the core of WooCommerce, so you get the best possible compatibility.
  • Offers minimalist designs that focus on essential elements like product descriptions, pricing, and store features that help with site performance.
  • Offers various layout options for product pages, archives, and the homepage.
  • Includes robust blogging capabilities.
  • Allows you to display product ratings and reviews, including a ‘Verified Owner’ label. 

Major Drawbacks

Storefront has a simple and minimalistic look, which may not be suitable for all businesses. More extensive customization often requires additional plugins or coding knowledge.

10. Botiga

Botiga is a WooCommerce theme similar to Storefront in terms of minimalism. The main focus of the Botiga theme is performance, so being a lightweight theme, it will give you optimal performance while using minimum resources, which makes it one of the fastest WooCommerce themes.

But that doesn’t mean it lacks features and functionalities. The free version has all the necessary features that get your online store up and running fast. Even in the free version, you get features like product card customization, live search, etc.

Key Features

  • Built-in product filters to help customers find products quickly. 
  • The “Product Quick View” feature allows customers to view product details without leaving the current page.
  • Offers a fly-out mini cart for quick access to cart details.
  • Offers multiple checkout styles to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Offers Two different cart layouts to choose from.
  • Allows you to display related and recently viewed products for upselling.
  • Includes other WooCommerce features such as live search, scroll-to-top, wishlist, sticky add-to-cart, etc. 

Major Drawbacks

The main issue with Botiga is its limited documentation. Users have reported difficulties in troubleshooting problems independently due to the lack of guides and resources.

How Do You Choose a WooCommerce Theme?

To choose a WooCommerce theme, you can follow the below criteria-

Responsive Design

Most of your customers and potential customers will browse your store from their mobile. So, your store must be optimized for smaller devices. 

A responsive theme can do that for you by adapting to all screen sizes automatically and making your store function smoothly on all devices. So, look for themes that advertise “responsive design” and test them on different devices yourself.


Your store may be small right now, but hopefully, it won’t stay that way for long. Your store will probably have more products and more users. To accommodate this, you will probably need more plugins and extensions.

Now, you must choose a theme that can handle the extra load whenever it’s necessary. 

A scalable WooCommerce theme should be lightweight and have clean code that will not bloat your website. Also, the theme should be updated regularly by the developers.

To check if your theme has clean code or not, you can use the Theme Check plugin. Also, having a quality hosting service provider will help with scalability.   

Speed and Performance

WooCommerce stores are usually resource-heavy because they host a lot of products, images, extensions, and plugins. So, they are more prone to be sluggish and slow, which is why you must have a theme that loads faster. 

Before you buy the WooCommerce theme you like, you should run a speed test through PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix on a clean WordPress environment. This will give you an idea of how fast the theme can work. 

Built-in eCommerce Elements

Apart from the basic features, your theme should have specific features for e-commerce, such as product grids, wishlists, shopping carts, popup builders, etc. So, before you invest in a theme make sure you research thoroughly to find the features that you need. 

Compatibility With Page Builders and Plugins

The theme won’t be the only thing that will help you build and grow your WooCommerce store. You will also need a page builder plugin, several SEO plugins, and other extensions to add more features and functionalities.

So, you should check that the theme you select is compatible with the page builder, plugins, or extensions that you will need.   

Pre-made Templates

Themes that offer premade templates for your WooCommerce store will save you a lot of time and effort. You can either directly use them or make some tweaks to match your store.

So, when it comes to templates, the more, the better. 

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration is a crucial part of your WooCommerce store because you will need your customers to pay, which is how you will make money. So, offering a wider range of secure payment options, make it easier for your customers to pay. 

Multilingual and Multi-currency Support

If you are a global WooCommerce seller, your customers will surely be from different parts of the world. That means, not all of your customers will be proficient in English or purchase using USD.

Even if they are, being able to browse and purchase products in their native languages and currency will connect your store with your customers better. So, choosing a WooCommerce theme with multilingual and multi-currency support will be a big plus. 

FAQs About SEO WooCommerce Themes

Does WooCommerce have good SEO?

Yes, WooCommerce has good SEO because it’s integrated with WordPress, the best CMS for search engine optimization. Because of this, it also supports most of the SEO plugins WordPress offers that make optimizing easier.

Can WooCommerce handle high traffic?

Yes, WooCommerce can handle high traffic if properly optimized. Also, you will need a top-class hosting provider that offers caching, CDN, and other necessary features. 

How to optimize SEO for WooCommerce?

To optimize SEO for WooCommerce, start by optimizing your product titles, descriptions, and images with proper keywords. Also, make sure that your store is mobile responsive, loads fast, and is secure.   

Picking an SEO-friendly WooCommerce Theme Isn’t the End!

If you have read our piece on the best SEO WooCommerce themes, you should now know about every nook and cranny of WooCommerce themes. Unfortunately, using a WooCommerce theme that’s SEO optimized doesn’t guarantee your ranking on search engines.

To rank your online store at the top of the SERP you need to follow the latest SEO trends and execute strategies with perfection. 

However, this can be difficult to achieve all on your own. In that case, you should let an agency that’s expert in the e-commerce industry.  

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